For many kids around the world, the future is unclear.

Children who grow up without basic needs have little hope. Without hope, these children are left with no future. The way children grow and develop today will heavily impact the future of our world. Hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda face this reality.


A proper education provides children with the foundation necessary to bring hope and change to their environment, but few Ugandan orphans have this opportunity.


Hunger makes learning difficult if not impossible, and many orphans in Uganda do not know when they will get to eat again.


Safety and security are basic needs many of us take for granted, but they are too often a luxury for orphans in Uganda.

We built a school
to help dreams come true.

Since 2010, we've taught over 600 students in Uganda.
Today we teach children from three-years-old through graduation!

You can help these children
reach their goals

Your generosity can help provide the following to hundreds of students in Uganda:

  • School supplies
  • Caring teachers
  • Books
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • A naptime cot
  • Soccer equipment
  • Enriching & safe facilities
  • Love
  • Hope for the future

Gideon wants to be
a doctor.

You can help him save lives.

Give Hope

Sponsor a child

Provide these children with an education, hot meals, medical care,
uniforms, shoes, and love from all our staff.

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