A Classroom for Christmas!

We kicked off A Classroom for Christmas with two amazing events, but the campaign will run until the end of the year. Give now and help us reach our fundraising goals!


What is A Classroom for Christmas?

Simone’s Kids started a Classroom for Christmas in 2012, and it is always our biggest campaign of the year.  This campaign raises money for new expansions and improvements at God’s Hope Primary School and God’s Hope High School in Uganda. The goals for A Classroom for Christmas change every year depending on needs at our schools.  This year, we are excited to announce that we are raising money for a much-needed girls’ dormitory at the high school, and a new medical clinic for both schools.

At the high school, we are growing at a rapid rate, which is excellent for the school. However, the existing dorm for the girls is overcrowded.  In building a new girls’ dormitory, we are giving the girls their deserved privacy in a new location, and we can convert the current dorm into large classrooms. 

At both schools, students are having medical needs addressed, either through the local hospital or through a small room we set up to hand out minor medications. We have two full time nurses because of the large amount of students under our care, but we have decided that it is time to build our own fully functional medical clinic for God’s Hope Schools. This clinic will sit on the border of both schools, and will be fully equipped properly serve the needs of our students and staff who become sick. Rather than taking our students to the local hospital when they are sick with a serious illness, we will have the resources and equipment needed to treat them ourselves.

This is a very exciting season in the life of Simone’s Kids, and we hope that you will consider collaborating with us through A Classroom for Christmas!